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Dungeon Master For Hire Anytime, Anywhere

It's time you stopped playing "Searching & Scrolling" and started playing Dungeons and Dragons! 

My name's Joey and I've been a Dungeon Master since 2014. It's my passion to host a game about many tales that can exist in our imagination.

Do you face off with mythical creatures? Venture into dark labyrinths? Challenge the local monsters to a drinking contest?  It's truly up to you and your party if you hire me as your Dungeon Master!

Online Dungeon Master Packages

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1 Shot Game Session

An exciting 1 Shot D&D game. This is a 3-hour session of nonstop action!​​

$125.00 CAD


3 Session Adventure

A more intriguing D&D adventure with extended gameplay (or for three 1-shots)

$375.00 CAD


10 Session Micro Campaign

A deeper, short campaign with a fully fleshed-out narrative.

$1,250 CAD

What's Included in Every Package

Action-packed 3-hour game sessions.

Free pre-game call on game style preferences.

Hosted over a reliable Discord video & voice chat server + Roll20 as an add-on.

 Welcoming atmosphere for beginner, intermediate and experienced players.

Extensive D&D knowledge & support with rules.

10+ years of Dungeon Master Experience (since 2014).

Contact Me To Get Your Game Rolling

Look no further than Joey's Journeys to bring your game to life. Message me today and tell me what you need!

Thank you for your message!

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