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About Joey's Journeys

Image by Alperen Yazgı

Greetings adventurers,


It’s nice to meet you at this virtual table! 


Who am I?


My name is Joey and I’m a Dungeon Master and an enthusiast of Dungeons and Dragons living in Vancouver BC. 


I read almost anything (current events, fiction, nonfiction), hike trails, travel, play video games, write/play music in a band on guitar, and I constantly work on my millennial resume. Being a Dungeon Master is not yet on my resume, but if it was, I’d have experience since 2014. I’m also Canadian, which is something eh? 

I'm happy to have seen and experienced the dungeons and dragons scene around Vancouver growing. I'm happily married to my wondrous, hardworking wife as of July 2021. She plays D&D with me and supports me immensely as a person and as a DM. 

This Blog is Your D&D Resource


I didn’t create this blog just because I wanted something to do. I’m writing this to add to the passionate community of D&D. I’m ecstatic that this tabletop roleplaying game is finally getting the recognition it deserves. 


I want to help you by sharing my opinions and experiences with you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or completely new who just got their first character sheet, Starter Set or Player’s Handbook, I want you to find something useful here.


I Was Once the New, Head-scratching, Underprepared DM

I know firsthand how difficult it was for me to start D&D with a motley crew of friends, once being a novice Dungeon Master in the suburbs of Vancouver. I plan to make my work easily understood and concise. I’ll share my opinions, my success stories, my failures, content that I’m working on and anything else I believe is important. 


I also want your opinion. People don’t always agree on things, especially on the internet. Feel free to leave a comment whenever you have something useful to share. Maybe you’d like to see a post about a particular topic or you’re confused about a rule and need clarification. Your comments will also help guide my writing and inspire my posts. 


Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, I believe we all have something to bring to the table. Thank you for joining me here. So sit down, have your preferred beverage or snack, leave a respectful comment if you wish and let’s go on this D&D journey together. 




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