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Chat GPT DnD: How to Easily Leverage AI to Improve Your Dungeon Mastering

Updated: Mar 4

Chat GPT DnD, using AI for DnD

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the landscape of Dungeons & Dragons. 

Enter Chat GPT - the AI wizard that breathes new life into your tabletop adventures. But how can you harness Chat GPT for D&D?

AI is like a useful sidekick for Dungeon Masters and Players. From crafting epic quest ideas to shaping intricate character backstories, there are limitless possibilities in AI-assisted gameplay.

And this is only the text-based software! AI image software like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion is crafty for making art for characters, NPCs, scenes, emblems and more. 

Let’s discuss how to unlock the best of Chat GPT in DnD and level up your tabletop experience like never before.

Leveraging Chat GPT DnD for Dungeon Masters

Using Chat GPT as a DM tool

Dungeon Masters (DM’s) act as the foundations of storytelling in Dungeons and Dragons. If you’re a DM, you know what it’s like to feel the intense responsibility of crafting adventures for your group!

Do you find an adventure to buy online or do you homebrew/write your content? If you decide to homebrew, do you have the hours free to build a one-shot, an adventure, or even, an entire world?

By harnessing the capabilities of AI, DMs can unlock new avenues of imagination for game creation. But how exactly does Chat GPT fit into your DM toolkit? Let's explore the possibilities.

Chat GPT for Adventure & Quest Ideas

Chat GPT Adventure Ideas D&D
Chat GPT Adventure Ideas D&D

Here's How Chat GPT can assist in idea generation for adventures:

Every epic adventure begins with a spark of inspiration. With Chat GPT by your side, the well of creativity never runs dry. 

Simply provide a prompt, and watch as Chat GPT weaves intricate plotlines, generates captivating settings, and crafts compelling story arcs tailored to your campaign's needs. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to a wealth of endless adventure possibilities.

Prompt Examples

"I need 10 ideas for a mysterious D&D dungeon hidden deep within the forest."

"I'm looking for 5 hooks to kickstart my D&D campaign in a bustling metropolis."

“Write me 10 adventure hooks for my campaign. They’ll take place in (setting) in a (genre of game). Give each one a name and write a brief description of the quest. Here’s background information about my campaign/adventure/world etc.”  (Copy/paste content)

Pro Tip: If you have a drafted campaign/world document, you can use it to “prime” Chat GPT. The AI model will scan the text/document and use it to create better hooks.

Generating NPCs with Chat GPT

Pirate Sailor NPC - Stable Diffusion

Non-player characters (NPCs) breathe life into encounters and interactions. If you’re like me, you may have spent countless times brainstorming NPC ideas and only have a few materialize. 

From cunning merchants to fearsome villains, the cast of characters is as diverse as the adventurers themselves. 

Chat GPT saves boatloads of time as your co-creator. It’ll generate unique NPCs, sidekicks and even Player Characters. 

All you need to do is give Chat GPT a little hint of context and you can let it flesh out the rest. Need a merchant in a winter seaside town? Perhaps a shady warlock who’s part of an underground cult?

Chat GPT will help you with NPCs, especially when you specify what you want in your prompt. You can include aspects like:

  • Name

  • Appearance

  • Personality/Disposition

  • Quirk

  • Background/Profession

  • NPC Knowledge and/or Secret

Prompt Examples:

"I need help creating a charismatic bard who holds a dark secret."

Write me 5 NPC ideas for a (role) in a (setting) for my D&D game. 

Creating Encounter Tables with Chat GPT

Chat GPT DnD Encounters
Encounter Table: Shadowfell Forest

No D&D adventure is complete without a host of thrilling encounters. Designing encounter tables tailored to your campaign's themes and settings is a breeze with Chat GPT. 

Whether you're seeking ferocious monsters lurking in the depths of a forgotten dungeon or cunning foes plotting ambushes along treacherous mountain passes, Chat GPT stands ready to populate your world with dynamic encounters that keep players on the edge of their seats.

Prompt Examples

"Chat GPT, I need assistance in creating encounter tables for a perilous journey through the haunted marshlands."

Write up a list of random D&D encounters for (setting). Write it in a table format with 10 possible encounters and number each one. Ensure to include various encounter types including combat, exploration and role-playing.

Revision Prompt: Feedback: Could you please come up with new ideas for encounters # (insert numbers)? Here are some examples I like that you can use for inspiration (insert examples). 

Revision Prompt: Please, make only half of them combat (or any other type) encounters. 

Using AI for DnD: Some Best Practices

Revision Prompts: Don’t expect AI to get ideas perfect the first time. It’s good to use Revision Prompts (or feedback) to further tailor and tell the AI model what you’re looking for. Giving specific feedback directly and concisely works best. 

“Expand Upon X Idea”: AI will generate ideas but it’s up to you (the user) to select which ideas are best. Tell Chat GPT to expand upon an idea if you need more detail. 

Context: Always include extra context to get a more useful response. Include background about what setting you’re running and the genre (Medieval, Sci Fi etc).  

Chat GPT expanding upon an encounter idea for dnd


I've experienced the transformative power of Chat GPT in Dungeons & Dragons, from aiding Dungeon Masters in crafting immersive worlds to assisting players in shaping memorable characters and adventures.

Embrace the future of tabletop gaming by integrating AI into your D&D experience. In a future blog, we may delve into how players can harness Chat GPT for character building and or helping new people play DnD for the first time.

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See you next session! - Joey M.

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